Visa and Job Updates

Thursday, 3 May 2012


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Dear Applicants,

We are pleased to release(Click here to View Result) the results of the aptitude test conducted in the following States:

1.Oyo   2.FCT   3.Benue   4.Kaduna

5.Edo   6.Enugu  7.Rivers   8.Lagos

The colors are used to differentiate individual performance and priority. We shall invite the candidates in the following orders:

1.Leave Green

2.Light Green



You will however observe the efforts of this organization at improving Motor Vehicle Administration in Nigeria. We are very proud to say our involvement and relationship with the Nigeria Police Force attracted the Police Authority to the National Assembly Public hearing on the 28th March, 2012 on the suspended drivers’ licence and vehicle number plates issued by the Federal Road Safety Commission. In view of the Nigeria Police advertorial in the Punch Newspaper of Saturday 7th April 2012 we may have to exercise a little patience for us to properly integrate all arrangement at authenticating vehicles and drivers’ licence in line with the Police directive.

You will agree with us that the position of the Nigeria Police force as published in the Punch Newspaper has vindicated us. We have always maintained that the registration of vehicle and issuance of drivers’ licence are statutory responsibility of the Police and the State Motor Licensing Authorities/Vehicle Inspection Officers not the Federal Road Safety Commission.

With the awakening of the Nigeria Police Force to this very important responsibility to internal Security, it is expedient that we respect the authority and await the Police to give us direction on this exercise. We are working with the Nigeria Police and will contact individuals as soon as we receive Police clearance.

On behalf of the entire management and staff of VIO-DVLA, please accept our appreciation for your interest in working with us and congratulations.

Note: If u're having problem viewing ur result, just give a call @2348098619162 I'll help you out.
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