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Friday, 20 April 2012


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Australia is the right place for learning technical and vocational education and training. There are many institutions specialized in offering vocational courses to both national and international students. Below is a list of vocational education and training schools in Australia that grant scholarships to international students.

Cooperative Education Scholarship Program
The Cooperative Education Scholarship Program (CESP) offers by the Kenvale College – hospitality & event management- offers students financial assistance for tuition fees and an industry placement, which is an essential component of Kenvale’s courses. The financial aid is open to most students who have submitted an application and are accepted for admission to Kenvale College. The scholarship covers two thirds of the tuition fees (up to $11,700) for each year of study at the College.
Duration: 2.0 years Annual Value: $A 10,000.00 Total Value: $A 11,250.00
Application closing date: November

Avondale International Merit Scholarship
Avondale College of Higher Education is committed to nurturing students who excel in academic achievement, music and fine arts, mission outreach, sporting achievement and student leadership. Up to 4 International Merit Scholarships are available to international students who qualify and enrol in one of Avondale’s undergraduate or Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. The Scholarship is available for one semester or two consecutive semesters of study and worth up to $3,000 AUD ($1,500 per semester).
Application closing date: 31 January; 15 July

ICMS International Scholarship
The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) International Student Scholarship is open to all international students applying to study at ICMS. The value of the scholarship is AUD$25,000 which covers tuition fees for subjects studies in the one-year Diploma course (Hospitality Management; Event Management; and International Tourism) OR first year studies of the two-year Associate Degree of Business (Property; Retail; and Sport), as well as on-campus accommodation for one semester.
Application closing date: Early December

University of Ballarat- International Student Academic Excellence Scholarships
The University of Ballarat International Student Academic Excellence Scholarships are available for all UB programs, excluding research, and are assessed on academic merit. The scholarship provides a 50 per cent fee remission for the three years duration of the course.
Application closing date: End February
Applicants must: have an unconditional offer letter; be international students; not be in receipt of any other University of Ballarat scholarship; and be commencing an undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University of Ballarat. Selection is based on academic merit.
IRT International Equine Scholarship- Marcus Oldham College- Developing Professional in Agriculture and the Horse Industry
The IRT International Equine Scholarship is sponsored by International Racehorse Transport. The scholarship aims to enable students to pursue careers in the global horse industry. This scholarship is a career specific and needs based scholarship. Application form is available from Student Services from approximately May of each year. The scholarship is valued at AUS$10,000. The course fee includes tuition, full board and accommodation during college terms, major text books and full board and travel during the Australian and New Zealand study tours.
Application closing date: Early September
Navitas Academic Merit Scholarships
Eynesbury is a specialist institution that offers a range of pre-university and English programs, providing pathways in to the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. Navitas is committed to helping students achieve their career goals by offering scholarships to outstanding students. No application is required as all eligible students will be automatically considered, and the scholarships are awarded according to academic performance.

Northern Sydney Institute Advanced Diploma Scholarship
Northern Sydney Institute, a member of THE-ICE, provides excellence in tourism and hospitality education, and offers international students an Advanced Diploma Scholarship to study in Australia. The scholarship provides a grant of $28,120 towards the tuition fees of the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality (Management).
Application closing date: Late March
Northern Sydney Institute Event Management Scholarship
Northern Sydney Institute, a member of THE-ICE (International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education), provides excellence in tourism and hospitality education, and offers international students a diploma scholarship to study in Australia. The scholarship provides $12,380 towards the tuition fees of the Diploma in Event Management.
Application closing date: Late March

RMIT Travel Grants
RMIT University provides Travel Grants to assist students who are undertaking a mobility activity that is for academic credit within their RMIT Program. Closing dates are as follows: going out in Semester 1: 31 August (of the previous year); or going out in Semester 2: 31 March.
The grants provide assistance with a one off payment for travel costs of $2,000 for student exchanges or study abroad mobility activities.
RMIT Wendy Royle Scholarship
The scholarship is sponsored by James Marks of Radford Furnishings. Its purpose is to celebrate, perpetuate and commemorate the life and achievements of Wendy Royle and her unique and outstanding contribution to the design industry. $A1500 scholarship is awarded for one year.

Service/Leadership Scholarship (Returning Students)
Avondale offers up to 4 scholarships to returning students enrolled in an undergraduate or VET course. This scholarship is worth $2,000 ($1,000 for each semester) for 1 year in any undergraduate or VET course.
Application Deadline date: 31 January, 15 July

Travel Photography Scholarship
World Nomads is passionate about travel. The scholarships are designed to create a dynamic experiential learning opportunity which offers mentoring, produces exciting content and facilitates partnerships to publish/broadcast/exhibit student’s work. The scholarships aim to attract those students who have a passion for travel and a strong desire to learn and contribute to making a difference in the world. Applicants must: be enrolled at an education institution; be able to demonstrate significant talent in photography; be able to demonstrate a strong desire to develop photographic skills; and have a passion for travel.

University of Queensland and St Leo’s College Music Achievement Scholarship
The scholarship was established in 2009 and is to funded by The University of Queensland and St Leo’s College. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage residents of St Leo’s College who are expected to excel in studies in music. The scholarship provides a $6,000 reduction in the residential fees payable by the recipient at St Leo’s College for 1 year. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in either the Bachelor of Music, Diploma in Music, or a program that includes a music course in each semester for the year, and be residents at St Leo’s College.
Application closing date: 30 November

Northern Sydney Institute Event Management Scholarship: Vocational Education
The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) is an international accreditation body that also helps prospective students to find their ‘best-fit’ study opportunities. THE-ICE accredited institutions are all highly regarded for their hotel, tourism, culinary arts or events courses. Member institutions include public universities, private hotel schools and vocational colleges from around the world. Northern Sydney Institute, a member of THE-ICE, provides excellence in tourism and hospitality education, and offers international students a diploma scholarship to study in Australia.
The scholarship provides $12,380 towards the tuition fees of the Diploma in Event Management for one year.
Application closing date is late March
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